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Full Board

Full Board


Come join us in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere with tons of access to riding, grass pastures, an arena and top care!


Morning Star Stables is a full stall board facility only (no partial board or pasture board).  Horses are turned out daily for approximately 10-14 hours depending on the season. 

Here is what is included in the board:

  • 10 to 14 Hour Pasture Turn-out (rain or shine, unless there is ice)

  • Blanketed As-Needed

  • Premium 12’ x 11’ or 12’ x 10’ Box Stalls

  • ¾” Mats and Pine Shavings

  • Stalls Cleaned Daily

  • Horses Fed Twice Daily

  • Two Flakes of Hay While in Stall

  • Access to Clean Water Daily – in stalls and in the pastures

  • Fly-Strayed Before Turnout

$400 – Come Join Us!

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